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Cabinets easy to assemble…

That’s what you can do!

Easy to assemble storage cabinets.

A smart, attractive and organized solution...

Do it yourself!

easy to design.

GarageClosets units are designed to suit your specific storage needs.

easier to install.

The results are amazing after only a few steps. After installing the rail, simply assemble your cabinets using our smart modular system.

we build it.

Directly available from the manufacturer, our products are recognized for their high quality and user friendliness.

Garage Closets.ca

GarageClosets is a smart, attractive and organized solution to your storage needs and can transform your garage into an inviting room of its own. Storing your tools, garden accessories and cleaning products couldn't be more functional. With our modular cabinet system, your garage will be neat and tidy and it can even be adapted to revamp your laundry room.

GarageClosets is an innovative organizational system! Innovative in that it is avant-garde and the high quality of our materials is unsurpassed and our hardware is sturdy and easy to work with. Other features include its aesthetics, refined finishes, scratch resistant melamine, affordability and ease of installation. The concept is unique and its modular design and multiple configurations are adaptable to all kinds of applications.

With GarageClosets, all your accessories are easily accessible and readily available.

Storage systems are often expensive. Several consumers are seeking new alternatives. We are in an era of home improvements. GarageClosets is at the core of this trend. The system is easily and quickly installed with a minimum of tools and skills. It is revolutionizing the concept of storage and space planning. Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or not, the units are easily dismantled and reinstalled, which is most useful when moving or renovating.

To have an idea of both the appearance and design of the system, the GarageClosets website provides useful information and by, clicking on the “Do it yourself” tab, you'll get an idea of how to create your own storage space. Several designs and options are available. Go ahead and design your very own GarageClosets system and experience a look and functionality like no other!